Seal Harbor Village
Improvement Society

seaweed on beach

Our village

Our Mission

The Seal Harbor Village Improvement Society is dedicated to preserving and maintaining the lands and monuments entrusted to us by our founders for generations to come.

Board of Directors


Alex P. Stephens President
Chris Willis Vice President
Deborah S. Brown Secretary/Treasurer


Elizabeth Clark
Christoph Cushman
Stefan H. Cushman
Andrew Davis
David Donovan
Edward Douglas
Cheryl Dulong
Edie Dunham
Adam Foulke
Paul Fremont-Smith
Tom Fremont-Smith
James Fuchs
Anne Funderburk
Elizabeth Gordon
Doug Irwin
Arthur Keller
Jan Moore
Jennifer Nadel
Thomas Newhall
Henry Ogilby
Asa Phillips III
Sydney Roberts Rockefeller
Jamie Somes
Olympia Stone

old postcard

Old postcard showing Dunham Memorial Garden