Seal Harbor Village
Improvement Society

grooming the beach

How the VIS serves the community

What we do

Seal Harbor Beach

Rake and clean beach each morning; clean and maintain adjacent comfort station and parking lot.

The Village Green

Ensure a verdant lawn through a comprehensive watering, fertilizing, and mowing program; prune and maintain all trees and bushes.

Scenic Turnouts and Monuments

Maintain the Beatrix Farrand Garden and Seal Harbor Fountain, as well as the Seal Harbor Library and Fire Station grounds.


Maintain several public-accessible trails and pathways around the village.


Maintain VIS tractor, mower, truck, and other necessary apparatuses.

Other important VIS activities

  Represent Seal Harbor at Town Meeting for annual grant (1/3 of our budget).
  Host annual picnic and annual meeting.
  Serve as local advocate to MDI government and municipal services.


Larry Taylor, Chief Facilities and Grounds Coordinator, has served the village of Seal Harbor for over 35 years.


Seal Harbor wharf

historical girls on beach

Young girls play in Stanley Brook